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Controlling Devices Remotely

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BioClock Mobile App

Both are applications to control or manage attendance devices remotely, without the need for someone else to be near the device.

While the Control Panel is Web-based and requires a browser, BioCLock Mobile is an application that needs to be installed on an android device.

At the Admin level, it is useful to remotely control the device and monitor the attendance of all users.
It is also very useful to add new users quickly through face photo uploads.

At the User level, it is very useful to control and ensure that their own attendance is recorded in the database.

The android application page display at the Super Admin level will be different from the Normal User level display.

The level of each BioClock Mobile android user is determined based on access rights on the attendance device.

There is a Grouping feature in the Control Panel that is very useful for combining several attendance devices so that they can send and receive user info and finger or face templates.

The BioClock Mobile App can be used by the owner at the Admin level to control the device, while the User level is used to monitor the user's own attendance record.


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