We offer Webhook Push SDK to communicate with your own server

We are a team of talented programmers who make it easy to communicate between your devices, BioClock.id and your own server

Push SDK Samples

Testing Send JSON Data

Restart Device

Send a command to restart the device remotely

Kirim JSON

Add/Update User

Send a command to add a new user (id=123)

Kirim JSON

Delete/Query User

Send a command to delete a user (id=123)

Kirim JSON

Delete/Query Templat

Send a command to delete a user template (id=123)

Kirim JSON


Webhook Push JSON Method

JSON data reference sent or received by the BioClock.id server

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Demo application for using BioClock Push SDK on your own device

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BioClock Push SDK demo application source using PHP and Bootstrap 5

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About Webhook Push SDK

Programmers who want to create their own online attendance software, according to the different and varied needs of each customer. So there is an opportunity to create and sell Payroll or HRD products with better profits.

Some examples are made in native PHP and Bootstrap 5, the rest can use any Web programming language that supports HTTP protocol and JSON data.

Your own server, which is the server that receives or sends JSON data, must be a VPS hosting rental and can be based on any version of Windows or Linux.

Because to send JSON data, it is mandatory to have a sender domain address equipped with an SSL certificate.

On your own server, you can use any database or programming language, as long as it supports HTTP protocol and JSON data.

Sorry, it's not possible, because sending JSON data requires an SSL-certified domain address.

The following is the source program for an example of using the Webhook Push SDK BioClock using the PHP language and Bootstarp 5.

The following is the reference documentation for the functions in the Webhook Push SDK BioClock, please download here.


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